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Buy extras

Playing Small Critters with a Basic account is free. However, you can buy additional privileges, features and other nifty things. Please see below for payment options and important reminders.

Star accounts

There are special types of accounts with certain privileges called Star accounts. With a Star account, you will get the following benefits:

  • more game money -- you'll get $2000 per week instead of $1000
  • you can host shows
  • you can be a petsitter
  • comfortably enter shows by just ticking checkboxes instead of having to click on each show and each pet's name
  • offer "expert opinions" about pets (for additional showpoints)
  • customize your home page
  • feed all pets at once
  • own an unlimited number of pets on your account

3 months€ 5.00
US$ 0

UserID: #

UserID: #

6 months€ 10.00
US$ 0

UserID: #

UserID: #

1 year€ 20.00
US$ 0

UserID: #


Other extras

Game money€ 1
US$ 0
for $2000 game money

UserID: #
How much money?

UserID: #
How much money? $4000

Expert licenses€ 1
US$ 0
for 100 expert licenses (for EOs)
(Please note that Basic players can only give expert opinions to their own pets.)

UserID: #
How many expert licenses?

UserID: #
How many expert licenses? 200

Payment options


The easiest way to pay is via Paypal. You can also get a Star Account for someone else if you like -- just enter their UserID into the appropriate field instead of your own! This way, you can also ask someone else who has a Paypal account to send money for you.

Payments in Euro (€) are preferred, but you can also send US$ instead. If your currency is any other than Euros, Paypal will convert it automatically for you! The US$ prices are based on the current exchange rates (€1 = US$0). Paypal's exchange rates may differ from the actual market rates. [Currency converter]

Note: If you want to send money through Paypal for multiple extras in a short time, please send it all at once, and not in several different payments, so that Paypal doesn't charge the transaction fee twice!

Minimum payment is €4.99!

Allopass (phone/SMS)

With this option, you call a premium number or send an SMS message in order to obtain an access code, which you have to use to process your payment. The money will be deducted from your phone bill.

Note: Prices for payment via Allopass may be higher than the ones listed for Paypal! They will also differ according to the country you are calling from. You might need to obtain several different access codes for each extra, depending on its price. You can only buy one extra at a time with this option. Javascript and cookies need to be enabled in your browser to display the phone numbers.

Bank transfer

If you live in the EU, you can also make a bank transfer. All banks in the EU will transfer money within the EU for the same fee as it's within the same country, so it should not cost you if you don't pay for that. If you are unsure, please ask your bank how they handle it. Contact the site admin for the bank account details.

Note: Prices for the Extras via bank transfer will be identical to the ones listed for Paypal.

For all of these options, please remember: If you are not of legal age, you must get your parents' permission first before sending any money!

Each of the Extras on this site is added manually. Therefore, it may take up to 24 hours until you receive them.

Please remember that the Terms of Service still apply to you, even if you have a Star account! Your account can still be frozen or your access to Small Critters restricted if you violate the ToS. There is no guarantee that this site will exist forever (though we all hope). You cannot get your money refunded at any time, even if the site closes (which we all hope will never happen) or if your account is closed for violating the ToS.

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