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There are three ways to find a pet for you to adopt.

The rescue shelter
Pets that have been neglected by their owners are sent here. Don't you want to give a poor abandoned creature a new home? If you are lucky, they might even have good bp/sp stats, and often they cost less than they would in the pet store.

A breeder
Search for pets for sale via the search function or take a look at the litter announcements board. There is also a chance to find pets with good stats here, especially if they come from an established line. You can either buy a pet at the sale price the owner specifies, or you can enter a bid. If you bid, you'll have to wait for the owner to accept the bid. Only the highest bid will be shown.

The pet store
You can adopt a pet for 600$ here. They will be 4 days old, their bp (breeding points) will be somewhere around 10-30, and they will have no sp (showpoints) or ancestor information.

Important note: Name, breed/variety and color cannot be changed once the pet is over 7 days old, so choose carefully!

Here are some helpful websites in case you think you don't know enough about breeds and varieties that could come up in the game:

Rabbit breeds - short description of breeds with pictures
American Rabbit Breeders Association - pictures of various breeds
Rabbit breeds - short description with pictures
Rabbit breeds - pictures of various breeds
Usagi no Tsukiyo Rabbitry - information about various breeds
Usagi no Tsukiyo Rabbitry - rabbit genetics, in case you are interested

Guinea pigs:
meerschweinchen.de - lots of pictures of different breeds
Eva's Cavy Page - lots of information on colors, varieties and genetics
Cavy Kingdom - description of some breeds

Curiosity Rattery (http://www.curiosityrats.com) - very good illustrations and photos of various markings, colors, and types, as well as genetics
RMFE rat standards
Eva's Rat Page - lots of information on colors, varieties and genetics
North of England Rat Society - standards of breeds and varieties
RMCA - lots of information

Finnmouse - extensive information on colors, varieties and genetics
Eva's Mouse Page - lots of information on colors, varieties and genetics
RMFE mouse standards

Midland Hamster Club - information about varieties with pictures, including a genetics page
British Hamster Association - detailed standards (scroll down for Syrian) but without pictures

You start with 1000$. (The money is, of course, only virtual money.) Each week you can go to the bank and withdraw an additional 1000$ (for Basic players) or 2000$ (for Star players). You also get money if you sell a pet or win first place in a show (depending on the prize). If you are a Star player, you can also earn a little money from hosting shows or offering expert opinions and petsitting.

You can only breed pets of the same species which are not neutered (duh...). Pets need to be at least 7 days old to breed and can't have any more children when over 90 days old. If a female has recently had a litter, she has to wait for 10 days before she can be bred again.
Considerations: Before you breed, you should make sure you will be able to care for the offspring in case no one adopts them. Do you have enough money left to pay for the food and vet bills?
Breeding: To breed two pets, go to the male's pet info page and click on "breed with one of my females". This link will only appear if you are the owner of the male or if he is available for stud (you will be charged the stud fee the owner set).
Pregnancy: If the breeding was successful, your female will be pregnant for a few days. During this time, you should care well for her -- she will eat more than usual and if she gets too sick, there is a chance she might lose the babies.
Birth: If the pregnancy goes without problems, you will find a litter of small furry things in your home one day! :-)
Selling: If you want to sell some of the babies, you might want to post a litter announcement in the forum. The babies can only be sold once they are 3 days or older. To sell a pet, enter a price in the "for sale" box on the pet's page. If you want to sell a pet to a specific player (your friends, for example), just enter a very high number as a sale price, and ask the person to bid on the pet. You can then accept the bid.

Enter your pets in shows by clicking on the "Shows" link in the menu. If you are a Star player, you will also have the option to host a show here. To enter a show, search for shows that were set up for your pet's species, and click on a show name to view the pets that can be entered in the show. A pet must be 7 days or older to compete in a show.
A pet has showpoints (sp) and breeding points (bp) which are closely related. Bp stay the same throughout the pet's life, sp can increase by winning shows or asking expert opinions. The more bp a pet has, the higher chance it has of winning a show. Pets that are sick or hungry have less chance to win a show, so make sure your pet is well fed and healthy before entering a show!
The more sp a pet has, the higher the chance that the bp of the offspring will be higher than that of the parents, which would in turn mean better show results for the offspring, and so on. You can build a successful line this way.

If you are too lazy or know you can't care for your pets for a while, you can hire a petsitter (click on the "Petsitters" link in the menu). Once you have assigned a petsitter to a pet, go to the pet's page to pay the fee.
Only Star players can become petsitters. Make sure you trust the petsitter to do their job well -- if they don't care for your pets properly, the pets will still be sent to the rescue shelter if they are neglected!
You can still feed/vet your pets on your own if you want, even if you have hired a pet sitter. Remember to pay the fees regularly if you want to keep the sitter. Once the number of days you paid reaches 0, the spot the pet occupied will be freed and you'll have to look for a new sitter.
Star players who want to become a sitter: Just go to the "Petsitters" menu and set the fee per day per pet, and the max number of pets you want to accept. The player requesting petsitting will pay the fee for the amount of days he/she specifies. Then you will see the pet on your homepage where you will be able to feed the animal and take it to the vet. Food and vet costs will be paid by you. You will have to calculate that into your fees.

Rescue Shelter
All animals whose hunger or health drops below 20 will be considered abandoned and automatically be taken to the rescue shelter. There they can be adopted by anyone (including the former owner) for a set price. If a pet is not adopted within 5 days, it will be retired. There is no way to get it back.

Health drops when the animal has gone hungry for a long time. Therefore, animals that are fed regularly have a higher chance of staying healthy. Sometimes random events trigger an illness that cause health points to drop. How much they drop depends on the hunger and a bit of luck.
To improve health, go to a vet (link is on the pet's info page). A vet can only add 10 points per day, though. You'll have to keep coming back each day if your pet is not in perfect health. Exception: When the pet's health is below 30 (like when you adopted it from the Rescue Shelter), you can keep visiting the vet until the pet has 30 or more health points.

Mod list
Here is a list of all Moderators in the game. Before you contact one, please check their "last login" date. If they haven't logged in within the past few days, they are probably not active and won't see your messages.

Youronlydarling (#16539)
Universe (#1699)
Verra (#2003)
BWrats (#7997)
Cat (#10133)
Natazia (#43744)
Crimson Spirit (#15952)
Luna (#5539)
Isabel Kitty (#56690)
Due (#21043)
Aîslyn (#38744)
Gölds (#39131)
Lindsey (#457)
Southpaw (#2811)

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